Split65 Wireless Walnut Alice Keyboard

Split 65
Split 65
Split 65
Split 65
Split 65
Split 65
Split 65
Split 65
Split 65
Split 65
Split 65
Split 65

Pre-Order Bonus

Upgrade the packaging to a NICE Carrying Case, allowing everyone to use our keyboard anytime and anywhere.

 A high strength, yet flexible plastic. It is a great choice of material for a keyboard plate as it provides a less firm typing experience and modified acoustics.


— Ergonomic & Comfortable
— Hard wood Enclosure

— Graphical Configurator - VIAL
— Works With Windows, MacOS, Linux

— Reliable 2.4G Wireless (Single-Mode)
— Hot-Swappable PCB

— 2 × 1500mAh Battery, 1 Month
— Open-Source Firmware


Typing angle: 7°
Front height: 22mm
Material: FAS Walnut

Support PCB/Plate stabilizers
Built Weight 0.96KG
QMK/VIA Supported(wired)

Plate Add-ons

Pom Plate

PC Plate

Graphical Configurator - VIAL

You don't have to code to customize the Keyboard. VIAL is a free, simple, and powerful keyboard layout editor. 
-Remap Any Key
-Tap Dance: One key can do two, three, or even four things. Tap for Q, hold for Shift.
-Layers: Allow the ability to change the functionality of the entire keyboard based on what “layer” it’s currently on.
-Macros: Some great example uses for macros could be typing out and address, opening a program with a hotkey-shortcut or filling out a form.